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Invacare Stand Assist (ISA) Standing Hoist Range

  • Compact 140kg SWL
  • Standard 160kg SWL
  • Plus 180kg SWL
  • XPlus 200kg SWL
  • Sit to stand hoist
  • Fully adjustable


The ISA or the Invacare Stand Assist is a versatile product range of stand assist lifters for comfortable and efficient transfers. The ISA has been designed to suit a range of individuals who require assistance during a transfer but can be heavy to lift. 

The Invacare Stand Assist lifter (ISA) from the Patient Lifting Equipment family provides safety, comfort and a pleasant experience for both patients and carers.

Making things easy for a care worker is fundamental. The ISA is our versatile stand assist lifter designed to suit a range of patients. The ISA has four base models with different load capacities, dimensions, and accessories, from simple to more advanced lifters for both home care and long-term care clients. 

Stand Assist (ISA) patient lifter video

Standard, compact, Plus and X Plus Models available

The ISA Standard has many options for high flexibility. The ISA Compact is the perfect option for limited space. The ISA Plus holds a weight of 180kg and enables advanced and secure transfers. The ISA Xplus provides superior care to heavy individuals that weigh up to 200kg.

Invacare Stand Assist range features

invacare stand assist hand grips

Ergonomic hand grips

Positioning the hands in a natural, comfortable and intuitive way

invacare stand assist curved legs

Curved legs

Ergonomic shape for easy maneuvering around chairs and toilet bases

invacare stand assist extendable lifting arm

Extendable lifting arm

Adapting the lifter to the client’s height, condition and preference

invacare stand assist optimal foot plate

Optimal foot plate

Three heights available with removable heel block, anti-sliding material and round shape for toilet approach

invacare stand assist leg support

Swiveling leg support

Maintaining the lower legs with maximum comfort

Range of options & accessories

The ISA product family has a range of available accessories such as:

  • Leg band for improved stability and extra comfort. Easy to exchange and washable. 
  • Protective cover of legs
  • Hand lever for manual leg spread. 
  • Two stand assist slings and leg supports are also available in various sizes and attachments. 
  • Ergonomic hand grips: these allow the positioning of hands in a natural, comfortable and intuitive way. The unique design perfectly fits the natural shape of the hand for a safe grip. 
  • Extendable lifting arms: the TelescoLift can be adjusted to nine different length positions for different client heights, offering maximum flexibility. 
  • Lower leg support: the lower leg cushion provides six height positions with a swivel ErgoSupport option for optimum comfort. 
  • Foot plate: three different heights available with removable heel block and round shape. 
  • Push bar and foot pedal: ergonomic shape for easy lifter operation. 

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members to get a quote or advice on a hoist.

Invacare Stand Assist range specifications

 ISA CompactISA StandardISA PlusISA Xplus
Base length925mm1080mm1220mm1280mm
Base width535mm635mm640mm640mm
Inside width legs closed405mm495mm480mm480mm
Inside width legs open735mm960mm1020mm1020mm
Turning diameter1060mm1260mm1400mm1430mm
Product weight43Kg48Kg49Kg52Kg
Max height1650/1800mm1650/1800mm1650/1800mm1650/1800mm
Lifting range505/675mm505/675mm505/675mm505/675mm
Ground clearance35mm35mm35mm35mm
Leg height115mm115mm115mm115mm
Lift speed46mm/s46mm/s46mm/s46mm/s
Lifts per charge82828282

Downloadable documents (PDF)

What is a standing hoist or patient lifter?

A standing hoist is used when a person has difficulty standing but requires some assistance. These hoists/lifters are good for transferring from bed to chair or similar activities. Similar to a portable hoist, but is not intended to be a complete full-body lift.


  • Suitable for quick transfers that involve sitting to stand and back again
  • Also suitable for transporting people in a sitting position.


  • Requires flat, level floors & can be challenging to manoeuvre on carpets. 
  • Requires effort to move and position correctly. 
  • Challenging to lift from standard domestic beds and seating as the legs need to pass under the furniture. 
  • It can put pressure on the lower legs causing pain, not usually suitable for people with limited joint movement.

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Battery operated, Braked castors, Emergency stop, Ergonomic designed, Extendable lifting arms, Lower leg support, Push bar and foot pedal, Removable footplate

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