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Reducing injury risks in bed

for people who are liable to fall or climb out of bed and hurt themselves

Low beds

Etude Plus Low Opinion

Reducing risks in bed: for people who are liable to fall or climb out of bed and hurt themselves. 

The options now available include straightforward low-level beds, designed to accommodate a mobile hoist (an important consideration in the selection of any care bed).

Also, you can get ultra-low electrically powered profiling beds, which offer all the advantages of being able to adjust the position of the pillow. These beds offer backrest and leg rest sections, in order to make the occupant as comfortable as possible. 

Plus, they help the carer work at a height that is safe and convenient, before returning the bed to a lower level.

For extra security, safety rails may be used and/or a thick supportive mat be placed next to the bed, to cushion any fall. Care must be taken in this case to ensure that the patient cannot become entrapped between the bed and the mat.

Beds to help you sit or stand

Professional Rotating Bed and Mattress rota pro profile

Rotating chair beds help people who are weight-bearing, but unable to get into and out of bed unassisted. 

They can have a dramatic effect on independence, removing the need to depend on others for getting up and going to bed. 

Compared to alternative solutions such as leg-lifters, hoists, or extensive care help, rotating chair beds offer a comfortable, simple means of transferring to and from bed. 

They help preserve dignity and improve mobility. While bed rest is good for recuperation, it’s also a priority that patients need to be assisted to become active as early as possible. During the recovery period, the patient depends on their own strength in combination with the help of staff to be mobilised.

However, during the early stages of healing and mobilisation, when the patient is still very weak, the strain on the care staff can be an occupational hazard. 

The standing bed is an effective way to mobilise patients safely, and support staff who have this responsibility. It has been precisely engineered to meet the needs of both staff and patients.

If you have any questions about low beds or turning beds, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

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