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HP-Base Head Protection Hat

  • Impact-absorbing
  • Looks like a normal cap
  • Sports styling
  • Removable chin strap
  • Optimal fit


Impressively lightweight head protection

The HP-Base Head Protector is padded with 6mm of high-efficiency foam. The reduced size of this head protection is made possible by the advanced materials used and the “lightweight” protective effect is preserved. 

The HP-Base models look more like “normal headwear” (e.g. baseball cap, hat) and avoids the often stigmatizing appearance of other types of head protection models.

The selected materials and cut guarantee optimal fit for lightweight protection. The HP-Base Generation models are fitted with a removable or fixed chin strap. The HP-Base should not be used by those who suffer heavy impacts or falls and is only intended for those at low risk of harm.

Our range of head protection hats and helmets helps reduce impacts caused as a consequence of many different medical conditions


  • Epilepsy,
  • Autism (head banging),
  • Dementia,
  • Drop seizures
  • ADHD
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Falls
  • and more.
  • Head protection
  • Modern styling
  • removable or fixed chin strap
  • Hand washable at up to 40 degrees

The HP-Base has an adjustable & removeable clear chin strap as a standard that offers excellent hold and comfort.

This means that the hat can stay secure on the head, even during a fall.

The HP-Base is hand washable up to 40°.

Once washed it should be allowed to dry naturally and not tumble dried as this could affect the internal foams’ ability to absorb impacts effectively.

There are three standard colours to choose from (red, brown and blue).

We offer non-standard colours & materials at extra cost  – see the section below

Standard sizes for the HP-1 are: 45 to 62 cm head circumference.

Custom sizes are available as a special order

The lightweight HP-1 is suitable for toddlers in custom sizes.

We can normally provide you a HP-1 with just a few measurements.

We can send you a guide on how to provide these measurements.

Those who have a more serious risk of falls or injury may wish to look at our HP-1, HP-2, HP3, HP4 & HP5 head protectors, many of which offer additional “built-in” protection with additional “add-on” options.

HP-Base style features

Colour contrasted seam stitchingWidth adjustable HP-Base
Colour contrasted seam stitching in denim look.HP-Base Generation – Width adjustment

HP-Base Standard Colours

Custom fabric colour - Denim Black

Denim black

Custom fabric colour - Denim Blue

Denim blue

HP-Base Head Protection Hat Camouflage


Custom HP-Base fabric colours (Special Order)

Please note that the actual product color may differ slightly from how it appears on your screen due to varying monitor settings

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